Magnetic Mud Mask - English

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100g/100ml. Ca 20 treatments. Exclusive frosted glass with gilded lid. Magnet included in box.

  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Minimize appearance of pores
  • Tones, nourishes and keeps the skin young and healthy


A go-to face mask for moisture, without leaving you with oily skin. Rich in vitamin E, grapeseed- and sweet almond oil. You can feel your skin getting moisturized the second you apply it. We use this especially on days where the skin feels dry and dull.

Magnetic mud mask is a unique magnetic face mask rich in minerals, that gives you a special and soothing beauty experience. The effect is remarkable. Specially compelling for people with dry skin. The mask is removed with a magnet, and you can feel the magnetism and your skin tightening while hovering the magnet over your skin. The mask leaves a generous layer of nourishing and moistening natural oils to be massaged further into the skin and which are absorbed during the next half hour.


Recommend use: As part of a longer evening routine where you preferably first do a face cleanse, we recommend BD Refresh, or peeling to prepare the skin for maximal abortion of nutrients. Let the oils get absorbed during the night and replenish your skin.

Our formula is easy to apply and to remove; fast and effective with no spilling. The mask has a mild and nice smell. Buttery, not hard or grainy. The magnet is is comfortable to hold and has a high magnetic strength.

It's almost mesmerizing to see the mask lift off the face when getting close to the magnet!

Same as with the BeautyDuty Gold Mask, the Magnetic mud mask can be used to relieve stress and for therapeutic alone time.

*Not tested on animals






Please do an allergy test on a small area first if you have sensitive skin.

• Remove any makeup
• Apply a thin layer of the mask to the whole face
• Let sit for 10 minutes (or as long as you feel like)
• Wrap the magnet with cling film (double layer), this must be changed 2-3 times during the removal of the mask
• The remaining product can be massaged into the skin and left on overnight for a extended moisturizing treatment, or washed away with water

*Do not use water to remove the mask! It's possible to use a paper towel instead of cling film, if needed, but make sure it's strong enough not to rip apart when changing the towel. Pull the cling film or paper towel to the side when changing, not straight up from the magnet (this can cause rupture) 

**Avoid contact with eyes

***Suitable for all skin types