Our exclusive facemask collection is generating attention internationally, and from March 2018, BeautyDuty officially offer free international shipping, and a translated shopping experience for our English speaking costumers!

The Norwegian brand BeautyDuty, based in Oslo, is set to offer high-end and luxury Norwegian graded quality cosmetics to an affordable price.

We take pride in our work, and our main goal is to give you what we promise, every time.



Free international shipping of face mask series (Europe/USA)
 USA shipping 4-8 working days
UK shipping 3-5 working days


We make the beauty shopping easier and more secure for you as a customer.
The industry has been characterized by big words and misleading claims towards customers for too long.
We test, use, and contribute to the developement of all our products ourself
- so that we know they live up to the expectations and do what they promise

You should always be able to trust us, our product descriptions, and know what you get - every time. 

We make it our mission to offer good customer service, transparent/orderly online shopping, and to only offer the products we know you as our customer will be satisfied with.

A brand, a lifestyle, a passion, - Based on credibility and guaranteed quality



BeautyDuty does not test on animals, and you can find us on "green list" at the webpage of Norwegian animal Welfare alliance.